Environment Friendly

100% biodegradable made in a chemical free process under strict hygiene protocols


Naturally Anti-fungal and Hydrophobic

A multi-layered straw with natural anti-fungal and hydrophobic outer and inner wall.


Long beverage life
does not leak

The straws remain steady in any beverage for more than six hours. Does not get soggy or does not leak glue and colours into the beverage.


Custom made

The only eco-friendly straws available in all diameters and lengths to suit all your straw needs

Variety Of Straws

Regular Straws

Diameter: 0.236″ Length Range: 7″ – 12″

Shakes and Smoothies Straws

Diameter: 0.314” Length Range: 7”-12”

Cocktail Straws

Diameter: 0.236” Length: 5.75”

Bubble Tea Straws

Diameter. 0.511” Length Range: 7”-12”

Natural Straw Features:

  1. Eco-friendly
  2. Natural anti-fungal and hydrophobic nature
  3. Stays steady in beverages for minimum 6 hours
  4. Available in customized diameters and lengths for all beverage needs
  5. Made under strict hygiene protocols
  6. 100% Organic Bio-degradable straws
  7. Made from palm leaves
  8. Eco-friendly and healthy alternative to plastic straws


  1. No harmful effects like the plastic straws which contains BPA that is carcinogenic
  2. It is stable and convenient to use.
  3. Can be used in hot and cold beverage.
  4. Contains no paraffin wax.
  5. Contains no chemical or any kind of additive.
  6. Can be immersed in liquid for hours.
  7. Shelf life of Palm Leaf straws is 6 months
  8. Palm Leaf straws can be used one time only.
  9. It saves our health, and saves our money
  10. Saves our environment and life in the oceans