<h2>Our First Innovative Product in the market today</h2>

<h4>The Leafy Organic straw</h4>

<li>100% Organic Bio-degradable straws</li>
<li>Made from palm leaves</li>
<li>Eco-friendly and healthy alternative to plastic straws</li>
<li>Production does not cause harm to the environment</li>
<li>Currently exported to US markets</li>


<li>No harmful effects like the plastic straws which contains BPA that is carcinogenic</li>
<li>It is stable and convenient to use.</li>
<li>Can be used in hot and cold beverage.</li>
<li>Contains no paraffin wax.</li>
<li>Contains no chemical or any kind of additive.</li>
<li>Can be immersed in liquid for hours.</li>
<li>Shelf life of Palm Leaf straws is 6 months</li>
<li>Palm Leaf straws can be used one time only.</li>
<li>It saves our health, and saves our money</li>
<li>Saves our environment and life in the oceans</li>

<h1 style=”text-align: left;”>TESTING AND CERTIFICATION</h1>

<h3 style=”text-align: left;”>Priceless Palm Leaf Straws has received the following certifications</h3>

<li>Passed the yeast and microbe test from SIRIM Malaysia</li>
<li>Passed the SGS certification for Penta Chloro Phenol test as required by the US FDA standards</li>