Our First Innovative Product in the market today

The Leafy Organic straw

  1. 100% Organic Bio-degradable straws
  2. Made from palm leaves
  3. Eco-friendly and healthy alternative to plastic straws
  4. Production does not cause harm to the environment


  1. No harmful effects like the plastic straws which contains BPA that is carcinogenic
  2. It is stable and convenient to use.
  3. Can be used in hot and cold beverage.
  4. Contains no paraffin wax.
  5. Contains no chemical or any kind of additive.
  6. Can be immersed in liquid for hours.
  7. Shelf life of Palm Leaf straws is 6 months
  8. Palm Leaf straws can be used one time only.
  9. It saves our health, and saves our money
  10. Saves our environment and life in the oceans


Priceless Palm Leaf Straws has received the following certifications

  1. Passed the yeast and microbe test from SIRIM Malaysia
  2. Passed the SGS certification for Penta Chloro Phenol test as required by the US FDA standards